Call Settings

The Call Settings area is where you go to configure the global settings for your calls. Anything not having to do with routing or source tracking (such as call recording, transcription, announcement messages, and caller ID options) is likely configured in call settings.

Topics Covered:

  • Set up

  • Call Recordings

  • Announcement Message

  • Caller ID

  • Spam Detective

  • Agent Whisper Message

  • Auto Text Response

  • Emergency Override

  • Transcriptions

  • Default Text to Speech

  • Tracking Numbers

Configure Your Call Settings

  1. Go to NumbersCall Settings

From here, you can edit an existing configuration or create a new one by going to the “New Settings” button on the upper right. If you are just setting up your account, we recommend starting by clicking “Edit” next to the Account Level configuration and get that set up the way you want it. You can always add additional configurations later.

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