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Custom fields extend contact and log entries by allowing you to add your own fields for important pieces of information you’d like to associate with a particular call or caller. Custom fields can be used within the softphone, call log, smart routers, notifications, and reports.

  • Custom fields are grouped together into “panels”

  • Panels can be displayed as call log columns (one per account) or call log action icons

  • Up to 30 custom fields can be added for each account


Adding Custom Fields:

Creating custom fields allows you to add new fields to the Contact panel (which will show with the user’s contact information in the call log) or the Score panel (which will show in the Score section in the call log).

  1. Navigate to Settings → Custom Fields.

  2. Click the “Add Custom Field” button to add a new field for either section.

  3. Enter name for your field and choose a field type (such as phone number, email address, checkbox, plain text, or even a drop-down menu).

  4. Choose whether you want the field to be saved to the individual activity (call, text, or form) or to the person’s caller ID.  
    o  “Save to Activity” might be more useful for fields such as ratings or products mentioned on the call, whereas “Save to Caller” might be preferable for fields to track account IDs or extra contact information.

  5. You will also have the option to edit the API name for each custom field you add. This defines the name of that field for purposes of retrieving or interacting with it via the API. The API name cannot be changed or removed once it is set.

6.  If you would like to add your custom fields as a new column or as an action icon in the call log, click New Panel in the upper right corner.  Your new panel will appear below the existing Contact and Score panel areas.

7.  At the top of the panel, you can add a name and description.  The box icons on the upper right side of the column will set what type of panel it will be (standard, call log column, or action icon).
     o  Note that only one new column can be added per account. Action icons will appear in the existing “actions” column in your call log, alongside the existing email and flag buttons.


Custom Fields and Smart Routing:

Custom fields can be used in rules for call routing in your smart routers. If you’d like to route calls based on caller ID, premium support status, or product type, you can create custom fields for those values and set them as the conditions for your smart router.


Custom Fields and Salesforce:

Custom fields also work in conjunction with your Contact Cloud/Salesforce integration. Once you create your custom fields in Contact Cloud, you can map them to fields in Salesforce. This ensures that critical information is consistent between the two systems and any rules you have set up in SFDC around those fields will operate correctly as contacts and activities come over from Contact Cloud.


Custom Fields and API:

Custom field values can be retrieved or written using our API.  For more information, see the documentation page here.

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