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Setting up and configuring reminders
Setting up and configuring reminders
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Reminders are a great way to have a follow up tool for an Agent to re-engage with their clients. Reminders can be setup in a few different ways.

There’s three different ways to set up reminders. The first way is through the Activity Log and the other is in the Reminder settings.

  • Agents can access Reminders in the call log and the settings menu, Admins can create Reminder Triggers

  • Reminders come in four different types: Call, Text Message, Email and Desktop Notification

  • Reminders are not actionable field types in Contact Cloud, meaning you cannot use reminder dates or statuses in triggers, filters, wrap up panels, or reports.

SettingsReminders → Reminders [legacy navigation]

SettingsFlows → Reminders [new navigation]

  • The default view provides a list of the agent’s Reminders for past and upcoming reminders

  • List:Reminder Type – Where is was set ( setting, logs, or trigger)The contact associated Recurring statusTime ZoneStart DateFrequency/ End dateAgent receiving the reminderCurrent Status of the reminder

Reminders Log → SettingsReminders

  • From here you can see all reminders that have been scheduled (Past & Present)

See below for the new reminder set up screen

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