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Enabling a Fax Numbers

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In order to send or receive a fax you will need to enable a Fax number.

  • In order to use faxing you need to have a fax number enabled

  • Go to Numbers → Fax Numbers, select → Set up as Fax number

Once enabled you will receive the follow confirmation

Now you can view which numbers are fax capable


  • Phone numbers can either be fax or voice (not both)

  • Once you set up a fax number it can no longer receive voice calls (until you switch it back, by going into the fax numbers page and reactivate it into a voice number)

  • Once you switch the number over to voice number, it will prompt telling you that you can no longer receive faxes

Send a Fax

  • To send a new fax select → New Fax

  • Add a “To” Number

  • Select a “From” number for the recipient (If multiple fax numbers are enabled, you’ll be able to select multiple fax numbers that show up in the dropdown)

  • Select a PDF document you would like to send Note: Only PDF documents are supported at this time

  • Select → Choose File (choose file)

  • Select Send

The fax log can be found in: Activity → Faxes. This log will show all inbound and outbound that are in progress or have been received. In order to view the fax just click on the icon to view a fax.

Activity Fax Log

Inbound Fax Icon

Outbound Fax Icon

Fax Preview

Other Notes:

  • Fax service cannot be used for HIPAA or PCI compliant use cases

  • If a customer has redaction turned on, it will delete their entire fax content as part of the scheduled redactions

  • Charges apply for both inbound and outbound faxes per page

  • If redaction is turned on, it will delete fax content as part of the scheduled redactions period

  • The fax documents will be available to view for the life of the account unless redaction has been implemented

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