Internal Chat (Intercom)
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The internal chat feature is a perfect companion to the softphone where it allows any softphone user to see the current status and chat/call with any other softphone user.

For example)

Lets say, User 1 receives and inbound call and would like to transfer the call to User 2. Before User 1 transfers the call to User 2, she wants to ensure that User 2 is available. A quick check to the company intercom will reveal if User 2 (any any other users) are available for the call.

Key Features

  • See availability of all softphone users

  • Internal free audio calling

  • Chat with softhpone users

This is also a great feature when teams are distributed to check status and fast and easy method for managers to determine the status of their agents.

The intercom feature can be toggled on or off in the account settings. Simple navigate to settings / account settings.

Then toggle the feature on of off

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