Our integration with Drift, an AI-driven chat tool, allows your agents to engage with customers on your site in real-time using Drift, yet manage those conversations within one unified Activity Log in Contact Cloud. We offer the service with Drift Playbooks and without.

In order to connect your Drift account to Contact Cloud so that you can route Drift chats into a Contact Cloud chat flow, a Question/Response scenario will need to be set up within Drift in order to properly route the chats to Contact Cloud. Once complete, your chats will automatically populate within the Contact Cloud Activity Log for your agents to manage alongside other customer interactions.

Contact Cloud Setup

  1. To set up Drift go to SettingsIntegration → Drift or click here

2. The click on 'Connect to Drift' and completed the authorization process

3. Authorize Drift for use on the platform

4. Create a new chat widget or modify a current chat widget Flows → Chat Widgets

5. Modify the chatflow to allow the Contact Cloud chat widget to accept Drift messages.

6. Drift Responses manually route a drift chat to here if a user clicks on a specific response to a question

If your Drift account has a question/response action in the setup flow, please indicate which action below you would like to initiate routing to Contact Cloud.

Click Save Response

7. Assign your Drift Agent to your Contact Clout Agent

Please ensure email notifications within Drift are disabled. You can do this by going to https://app.drift.com/conversations#notificationSettings and uncheck the box for each agent using drift

That's it - now any chat messages that originate within the Drift messenger, should be rerouted to Contact Cloud!

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